Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Most closed end questions are referred to as Multiple Choice Questions because they offer three or more answer choices. Multiple choice questions can be answered by filling in the correct response choice from a bank of checkboxes on an answer sheet. Answer bubble sheets are used to easily and quickly collect the results for exams, tests, surveys and assessments. Letting people answer questions in their own words requires manual collection of the answers and amounts to too much information to process quickly into real overall results. Multiple choice questions are commonly asked in market research surveys, but when multiple choice questions are structured correctly, they can be used for quickly marking knowledge based answers for almost any subject, including language and grammar knowledge. The fastest way to collect the answer responses from multiple choice questions, is to use a question sheet along with an OMR answer sheet that can be processed automatically using optical mark recognition. Optical mark recognition uses a scanned image of each answer sheet and extracts the dark marks made in the checkboxes. This captured data is then transferred to a spreadsheet or other external management software.

Collect Multiple Choice Answer Responses Automatically

Collect Multiple Choice Question Data from exams, tests, assessments and surveys automatically, using Paper Bubble Sheets and Multiple Choice Question software. A multiple choice question template is designed and then printed into as many bubble sheets as needed and distributed to the respondents. To collect multiple choice question answer data automatically, all that is required is your regular printer, scanner and pc or laptop computer. A free trial of Multiple Choice Question software will let you create and print you own multiple choice question answer sheets and collect the multiple choice response answer data automaticaly simply by scanning the answer sheets and exporting the images into the Multiple Choice Question software to be captured and processed. Multiple Choice Question software can accurately process numerous answer sheets at a rate of about 30 sheets every minute.

How a Multiple Choice Question Response Sheet Should Be Filled

A higher rate of accuracy will be achieved when the Multiple choice bubble sheets are read automatically, using multiple choice question software, if the checkbox choices are shaded in fully. Because the multiple choice question sheets will be scanned, a fully shaded checkbox will make the detection and reading of the dark marks accurate. Respondents of the multiple choice question forms should be given instructions on the correct way to fill in their answer choices.


It is important that the respondents use a dark pen or pencil to fill in their answer choices on a multiple choice response sheet.

Correct shading

It is important that the respondents fully fill in the checkbox bubble.

ID grid

Any grid on the form designed for capturing the respondent’s ID number should be filled in the correct way.

Download and save these free to use instructional clipart images to use when designing multiple choice question templates.