Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Template

A Multiple Choice Question template is used for printing Paper Bubble Sheets, for easily collecting the answer responses to multiple choice questions. Automatic collection of multiple choice answers saves time and gets faster results from exams, tests, assessments, checklists, ballot forms and surveys. Multiple choice question templates can be designed to print any type of form which would be used to collect peoples response choices to questions or statements.

The paper forms printed from Multiple Choice question OMR templates can be scanned and automatically captured. OMR sheets are often called bubble sheets. The checkboxes on a bubble sheet are round or oval in shape, which are easier for a person to fully shade in.

Printable Multiple Choice Question OMR Template Samples to use for exams, assessments, tests, surveys, checklists and ballot forms. The Multiple choice question templates can be used for printing exam answer sheets and automatically collect the answer responses from multiple choice responses or single choice responses.

multiple choice OMR template

A 100 question multiple choice response sheet template, is used to print multiple choice question exam sheets.

Multiple Choice OMR Sheets can be scanned and captured with OMR software. There is a grid added to the template for automatically collecting the ID numbers of the respondents. The ID number is shaded into the grid and captured when the multiple choice exams are processed with OMR software.

The respondents of multiple choice response forms use a dark pen or pencil when filling in the checkboxes in response to the multiple choice questions. Fully filled checkboxes will decrease the chance of errors occurring when the multiple choice checkbox responses are being detected and processed by the multiple choice question computer software.

Computer Software used for automatic collection of Multiple choice checkbox answers, uses optical mark recognition to detect pen or pencil filled checkbox responses. The values (A,B,C etc) of the marked checkboxes, is captured by the OMR software, converting this information into readable computer data which can be exported to a spreadsheet or other data management software.

Create Custom Multiple Choice Question Templates

Multiple Choice Question OMR templates containing the checkboxes which will be read with software, are designed with an OMR template editor. The OMR sheets printed from the multiple choice question template will be automatically recognized by and the results captured by Multiple choice question software.

When you are designing an OMR template which will be read with OMR, there are a few things you should be aware of when designing the multiple choice question template. These few tips will decrease the chance of errors occurring when the bubble sheets are being read by OMR.

1. Design an oval shaped bubble not too large that can be easily, fully shaded by the respondent.
2. Design the checkbox bubbles so they are not too close together to ensure hand shaded marks don’t accidently go outside of the check-box bubble and into the one beside it.

A Multiple choice question OMR template can be set up so it is tailored for particular recipients and the types of questions they will be asked.