Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Test

Multiple Choice Question Tests are a popular tool used in Universities, Schools, Colleges and Training Organizations for obtaining fast standard results about the knowledge base of the students.

When testing the knowledge of students, Multiple Choice questions are structured so that there is only one correct answer choice. Some people are of the opinion that using multiple choice questions allows a student to cheat by guessing the answers, but on the other hand it would be difficult for any student to consistantly obtain a good result if they had no knowledge of the subject that the multiple choice test is covering.

A non biased result for each student partaking in a multiple choice test is the benefit of multiple choice standard answer testing. Because there is only one correct answer, the student is marked on their knowledge instead of whether they are capable of writing a good answer.

Reduce The Time it Takes to Grade Tests

Another benefit of Multiple Choice Question Tests is, instead of manually marking tests, the multiple choice answer sheets can be scanned with your regular document scanner and automatically processed into results on your pc or laptop computer. The multiple choice tests can be collected at any time and scanned in any order and be sorted in order by the software. Computer software used for grading multiple choice tests, reads the checkbox answer responses on multiple choice question test papers, extracts the dark marks inside the filled in checkboxes and converts the captured checkbox values into readable computer data. Multiple Choice Question Software uses Optical Mark Recognition to recognize multiple choice question pages, locate where the checkboxes are and detect and capture the filled in checkbox answer choices from multiple choice question tests.

Captured Checkbox Response Data