Multiple Choice Questions

OMR Software

OMR Software is a cost effective replacement to using expensive OMR reader machines, as it requires only the printed forms, a scanner and computer to work.

It is used for getting fast and accurate test results from multiple choice questions paper exams, surveys, checklists, ballot forms, tests and assessments.

For OMR Software to work, it requires a template, compatible with the software, which is used for printing your forms.

OMR Software is cost efficient when paper multiple choice question forms are the most suitable option for collecting people’s multiple choice responses to questions.

OMR Software automatically captures the pre-set values of the filled in checkboxes, by reading scanned images of the Multiple Choice question sheets**.

Scan Multiple Choice Question Sheets

A regular ADF image scanner along with your pc or laptop computer and multiple choice question OMR grading software is all that is needed for detecting and processing hand marked checkbox responses made on paper multiple choice question forms.

The captured response mark values can then be exported to a spreadsheet for instant Multiple choice test data. No time consuming manual data entry is required.

The form processor within the OMR software, is a software based, optical mark recognition processor, that reads and captures filled in checkbox bubbles from the scanned images of multiple choice question tests, exams, assessments and surveys.

OMR sheet instructions Multiple Choice Response

Clipart Images: are often used to instruct the form candidates on how to fill in the checkbox bubbles.

Design Your Own Custom Multiple Choice Templates

Download a free trial of OMR Software and use it for creating Multiple Choice response, OMR templates and automatically processing the handed in forms.

Multiple Choice question forms created using the softwares OMR editor are compatible for recognition by the software’s processor.

Design and print your own Multiple Choice Question, bubble answer, OMR sheets on plain paper, which will automatically integrate with the OMR software. OMR software will automatically capture the filled in multiple choice checkbox responses using a software based Optical mark recognition processor.

Multiple Choice Template Design

Fully visual template editor specifically for designing multiple choice response sheets to integrate with OMR software.

Multiple choice question sheet

OMR software features

OMR software has many valuable features, which can be optionally set up, to capture and export multiple choice response data, depending on the type of form being used.

Automatic scoring for exams and tests can be set with an aggregate rule for each bank of checkboxes to attract a score when a particular checkbox answer is selected.

Aggregation Rule

Example of Aggregate rule set for a test, If checkbox A is selected in Question 1 an automatic score of 1 will be captured.

Scan and Process Multiple Choice Question Sheets

Scan and Process

A Regular document scanner along with OMR software is used for automatic collection of filled in checkboxes from multiple choice question bubble sheets. The checkbox response marks are automatically captured by OMR Software and processed into readable data on any pc or laptop computer. This is a fast process which accurately captures the answer responses from around 30 multiple choice sheets every minute.

multiple choice omr sheet

A Scanned multiple choice sheet viewed in the interface of OMR software. OMR software has detected and captured the filled in checkbox values as readable data which can be exported to a spreadsheet.

multiple choice responses exported to spreadsheet

Example of captured checkbox values exported to a spreadsheet along with other data table information. Once the scanned images of forms are uploaded into the software, they are processed almost instantly into value data.